Hawkeye® Nozzle Control Software Update Details

Version: ISOBUS ECU Package 10.0
Release Date: 05/19/17

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This is a new ISOBUS ECU Software Update Package that provides procedures to update firmware for Raven ISOBUS ECUs via Raven Service Tool (Download at http://ravenhelp.com/Product-Support/Raven-Service-Tool/Raven-Service-Tool.aspx#software). If the ECUs connected have unsupported programming capabilities, the firmware will not be able to be updated through this package. The ECU will then need to be sent in to be reprogrammed. The package includes a self-extracting file with instructions on how to update ECUs using Raven Service Tool and the release notes for each product.

Please note: If you have a Rev G or newer Hawkeye Nozzle Control Valve with version, do not backdate to software version 1.1.27. Doing so will make the nozzle inoperable. This effects Rev G and newer nozzle part numbers 063-0173-672, 063-0173-673, 063-0173-674.

Download and Installation Instructions

Please refer to installation instructions included in the zip file for update and installation instructions.

Release Notes

Full release notes for each product update are included in the package.

  • Updated CNH ISO AutoFold version
  • Updated SmarTrax MD to version 1.4.30

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